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About Us

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The Owner

Billy Moran

     Sea Four Watercraft’s entire business model is built around creating a fun, adrenaline filled, memory creating, SAFE experience that will last a life time. As a Veteran owned business, the owner wants everyone to be able to enjoy renting the best quality jet skis at a reasonable price letting people of all ages and experience levels enjoy navigating the open water. You will find that customer service will be second to none and accessibility of staff is always available. Sea Four Watercraft sets itself apart from other companies because it has many different rental and delivery options that will work for any situation.

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         Billy Moran was born and raised in the Merrimack Valley. An aspiring college baseball player looking to turn pro had his life put on pause like many on September 11, 2001. Billy went from healing blisters on his hands from batting practice to showing up at a recruiters office nearly overnight. Billy served in the United States Marine Corps from January 2002 until being released honorably in January 2010. Wounded in combat in 2006 Billy served in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom completing multiple deployments and was awarded the Purple Heart. He would never play baseball again. He would instead devote his life to helping people and growing a beautiful family. He has served in emergency medical services since late 2007, most of this time as a Nationally Registered Paramedic. Billy’s devotion to his country and the people in it has led him to follow “the American dream” of a business owner.


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